About Us

Tim Carter

Tim Carter / Principal & co-Founder

Tim develops and manages the technological wizardry as well as the administrative efforts behind Receptive Audio.  A recognized leader in the digital media and content distribution fields, Tim brings 25 years of start-up experience to Receptive Audio.  He is the creator of Podinator, the customized message production and management system employed by Receptive.  His previous positions include Chief Technology Officer, Pyramid Radio; VP, Systems Engineering; Ruckus Network, and Chief Technologist; Executive Risk Insurance.


Ed McMann

Ed McMann / Principal & co-Founder

Ed heads operations at Receptive Audio, managing all creative and business development projects.  He brings decades of major market broadcast experience in programming and production, and two years of managing in-store creative content and distribution for Pyramid Radio.  His previous position was Chief Programming Officer, Pyramid Radio.  Ed is a nationally recognized voice talent who worked with Clear Channel and Premier Networks where he was Casey Kasem’s most frequent guest host on American Top 40.
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